7 Digital Marketing Mistakes Brands Need to Avoid in 2021

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March 25, 2021

7 Digital Marketing Mistakes Brands Need to Avoid in 2021

Starting something of your own is a greater feeling. Watching the same initiative touch new heights and greater possibilities are beautiful. Have you witnessed people mentioning abut their ventures online? if yes, then you know what is digital marketing! Congratulations you belong to this generation! Haha!

Having said that, you might find a few terms confusing you. For example, smo company or seo agency maybe those words sound new to you. But this simply does not mean you should feel inferior. There is always a way out. Count on people who can fill that gap for you. Count on a digital marketing team.

But be careful of few things if you are a part of one or a client of one.

Stunning facts that can impact a digital marketing campaign.

  • 55% of emails are estimated to be opened using the app. Thus, working on mobile optimization of emails is necessary.
  • Infographics are leading the market, in terms of resharing by multiples of three.
  • The average consumer attention span is just 8 seconds!
  • People are more active online! 94 % of people use online as a resource, to search for local information.
  • Content and related images have a view score of 94%. This is more than any other combination.
  • Higher engagement coupled with low bounce rates is bagged by YouTube. This is in comparison with Facebook and Twitter.

Every digital marketing agency should avoid these mistakes!

  1. Targetting everyone. Target the group interested in your products. Be committed to this. This saves energy and helps to be efficient with planning and strategies.

  2. Not checking on your abandoning customers. Keep a check. But do not get them irritated! These are the customers who quit before making a purchase. Turn these abandoned into loyal customers. Just bring in more efforts!

  3. Overlooking email marketing. Emails help with interacting with your pursuits one on one. Thus don’t overlook this one!

  4. Neglecting the website design. As a part of the digital marketing team, first thing first. Enhance the website first. On websites, the clients are pushed.

  5. Strategising old and non-productive strategies being a smo company. Be innovative and inventive in your techniques.

  6. Skipping on SEO techniques. Being a digital marketing team,you know how an SEO agency helps. Thus it is important to never skip SEO related tehniques.

  7. Avoiding remarketing strategies. Remarketing helps in reminding people about something they saw online. This also triggers the emotion in them. The emotion of, “I might buy this!”. Part of a smo company or a seo agency? make sure to work with all techniques. In digital marketing, every aspect is very important.

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