How To Calculate ROI For Enterprise And Business Apps?

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How To Calculate ROI For Enterprise And Business Apps
By admin
December 15, 2021

How To Calculate ROI For Enterprise And Business Apps?

Funding in technology is indispensable & any business that fails to invest in its technology infrastructure will soon find it difficult to compete in the market. However, not every technology investment bring out returns while project can be very expensive when they fail.

In a rapidly moving technology world where the alternative for investment are boundless, selecting the right project can be quite challenging. Return on investment (ROI) is one estimate by which we can judge a project, but how can one go about estimating the return on investment.

First Of All, You Should Know What Is ROI?

Return on investment (ROI) is an arithmetical formula that investors can use to assess their investment and judge how well a specific investment has accomplished in contrast to others. An ROI estimation is sometimes used with another perspective to expand a business.

There are numerous methods for estimating ROI percentage. The most frequent is net income divided by the total cost of investment – 


Calculating ROI For Mobile And Enterprise Apps.

As the technology advances to expand, mobile applications are increasing vigorous chances for designing more coherent or systematic processes and workflows. For enterprises who are looking forward to saving time and money, developing the perfect mobile app for the perfect line of business is a critical first step towards a mobile favorable outcome.

Estimating ROI For Your Enterprise App

Portability has appeared as the most troublesome technology in the corporation today. Businesses are deploying corporation mobile apps in serious resulting in an interaction between people, processes, and products. Well, if we believe to Gartner, enterprise mobile apps are the future of business

Deploying lines of business or customer-facing applications need a huge quantity of beforehand investments and considerable repeating expenses each year. As we know that the global economy continues to hibernate, thereby applying financial pressure on businesses, decision-makers are taking a tough perspective at their portability expenses. 

This is How you Measure ROI for Enterprise Apps.

The gold standard  that requires to be looked into are:

1. Efficiencies

2. CCP (Collaboration, Communication & Productivity)

3. Increased Sales

4. Platform Churn

5. Be The Benchmark

1. Efficiencies

Numerous formulas require to be used to evaluate ROI. Well, regarding the concept of efficiencies, some factors are tangible and intangible. For occurrence, the automation of processes, fast collaboration, and better communication plus an expansion in sales due to these synergies are the benchmark that needs to be kept in mind.

2. CCP (Collaboration, Communication & Productivity)

As a corporation app, elements like the prevalence of use, how much time is saved and the number of chores have done must be contemplated. In simple words, rather of perpetuate an email trail with consideration to a company annual trip, opening up a slack channel for real-time consultation would be a serious time-saver. 

3. Increased Sales

This does not need much description. There are corporation products like Slack and Microsoft 360 that need the flawless integration of their applications. This is something that must be taken into deliberation. Potency is a game where being mobile is part and package of having great knowledge.

4. Platform Churn

There is a theory that corporation applications face a vigorous deal of churn. This is a big cost at the end of the day and is something that requires to be alleviated. Deliver all the famous social media applications that are always bringing out new characteristics that they keep on testing.

5.  Be The Benchmark

Although this is instead intangible, how you could compute the success of your corporation app is through the number of awards it wins and the positive analysis it gets. Be the corporation app that makes your competitors envy and the talk of the town.  

Interpreting ROI in the Context of Business Applications.

The financial explanation of return on investment is simply : ( return the cost of investment ) / (cost of investment). But when funding in business applications the profit and costs cannot be always easy to boil down to numbers.

Some profits and costs can easily be done. Your recent new software application will have a price tag involving licensing fees and executing costs. Other costs and profits can be tough to estimate.

You may never get full, arithmetical clarity on the return on investment of a business application. But understanding which elements to look out for when calculating ROI is a good starting point. 

Thinking About the Costs

It’s important to remember that the sums paid to a vendor are not where the costs of obtaining a business application begin and end. These costs are the simplest to boil down to numbers, and you must plug these numbers into an excel spreadsheet.

Well, you won’t get exact numbers for golden opportunity costs. There’s no exact way to estimate the exact financial imputation of your business adjusting to a new software package, and these adjustments can be expensive.

Key considerations

It’s significant to note while estimating ROI for a corporation app, it’s not about measuring all benefits. Moreover, not all profits can be accurate in the first phase or year of deployment. This could be because of the capabilities used, the scale of coverage, or flexibility levels among the users. Similarly, a few profits of the mobile app may be seen after some years of deployment.

Another way to expand the ROI by bringing out the costs of developing an app is to contemplate outsourcing it. In-house app development requires important investments in technology and manpower which pushes the cost.


Calibrate ROI for a corporation app is challenging but is something that can be very useful in decision-making. It can also play a huge part in developing a mobile strategy for future deployments. Although a good part of the profit derived from a corporation app remains intangible and hence difficult to quantify. However, various case studies, precedents, and data available can help decision-makers to judge and justify their funding in deploying a corporation app.

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