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Steps to Find the Right Shopify Agency in Australia
By admin
August 20, 2021

Steps to Find the Right Shopify Agency in Australia

Online shops are winning the race by mentioning their worth and value in such uncertain times.  Earlier the businessmen and entrepreneurs would think if their shops need to be online!

Since the onset of the internet-driven business revolution, online stores have proven their mettle in the game. 

Are you a beginner in the game and want to have a Shopify store of your own? If yes, then you might be struggling with thoughts like:

1. My Shopify store should be of what niche?

2. What font, colors, and theme would make the store unique yet relevant for my tribe?

3. How much shall I invest in the Shopify store set up?

Let us start by taking your confusions one by one:


I. What should be the niche of my Shopify store?

Thinking of what should you sell, there are seldom any clear paths until we work on our confusions. These confusions are nothing for the Shopify experts! Taking their help is a quick and easy way to get your doubts sorted.( we will know more about them in the later paragraphs.)


Usually, two categories of people that come in our list of potential sellers tend to lose the market because they either:

  • With little consideration are confused, ending with little or no results.
  • Spend weeks trying to find that perfect product idea but not finding any.


We will easily know what to sell with these few practical steps:

1. Browse other stores: this might bring some inspiration to the plate. Note the offers, lists, and prices. Use their organized data to your benefit.

2. Browse social shopping sites: with an amazing count of online ideas available, these can be a helpful tool in setting up your first Shopify Store.


Also, when we research for our store, let us be particular about:

a. Move ahead of the broader categories: Look for more options in the categories wherein major players have left a gap. Merge health fitness with the products and witness the rocket sales.

b. Provide easy-to-buy products: Keeping products ranging between 54 AUD helps in cutting short the buyers’ consideration time. Thereby, shooting the sales charts.

c. Know the product trends: Take google trends to help and know what products are trending. Avoid using products that might get your sales decreased and are not trending anymore.

These things can be easily sorted with the help of a Shopify expert!

Well, do you know who Shopify experts are?

They are the third-party personals, who are helpful for any insight on Shopify. Vetted by Shopify for their skills, Shopify experts are sure to help when it comes to design, development, branding, and many other spots of a Shopify store.

Your online store will receive the benefits of rightly planned things like- start, sell, and market and manage. 

Need Shopify Experts for your outlet? Let us talk the talk!


II. For your guesses with font, colors, and themes to make your store unique yet relevant for the tribe, here is how to tweak the process.

The store theme and majorly everything depends on your store niche. Once you have cracked the code for your store niche things become a lot easier. Setting a theme is not a big task with Shopify’s ready-to-use ones. Pick any theme of your choice. Best doing ones are simple and supply. Pick anyone from the variety of free options.

Save time and pick one that doesn’t need much to be done. And would take care of your doubts on colors and fonts along with the theme!


Few steps to help you with the Shopify store theme setting:

a. Browse through same niche accounts: Exploring through multiple accounts of the same niche helps to know what to be done and what to avoid. Notice the themes depending on the products. Also, notice which ones you like the most and how this research would be beneficial for your Shopify website design.

b. Get registered with a free Shopify account: Start your free trial with Shopify. Simply enter your store name and click Create your store. Next, set your store theme!


III. How much shall I invest in the Shopify store set up?

A Shopify expert can guide you well along this line. It would depend on your store size. You can start small and scaling it from medium to larger is a great idea.

Here are few plans to consider:

  1. Basic: with its sophisticated features get options like gift cards, reports, and the restoration of the abandoned carts. It is a greater plan to opt for a small-scale business with $29 as a monthly fee.
  2. Shopify: Own a growing e-commerce business? This plan is good to go for $79 per month. Expand your store by including gift cards, reports, and restoring abandoned baskets. Sell more with gift cards. Recover lost revenue by recovering abandoned baskets.
  3. Advanced Shopify: Interested to grow your large expanded business further? Its advanced reporting engine helps you create custom reports. Filter them by dimension to help you find different ways to grow your business.
  4. Shopify Plus: Eliminate your stress of order management with its no worry transaction cost feature. This bespoke e-commerce solution comes with a pack of exciting features. Features like account manager, project manager at your disposal, personalized support contacts, negotiated Shopify rates, and early access to beta features.

Depending on your store size, you can pick a shopify plan as per your need.

With all these small and big decisions, a Shopify expert can help you well. With their expertise and skills, they can guide you in the right direction when it is about Shopify store set up.

Here are few reasons you need to hire a shopify expert:

1. Saves a large amount of time

Experts are meant to do the work they are experts at. With their expertise, Shopify expert agency can guide and lead you right. Marketing might not be the forte of a development team at your end, but with Shopify expert agency, you get the benefit of every operation to be handled well, within less amount of time.

2. Brings quality work on the table

Experts know how to do things and they know it well. When we are with our confusions and doubts, they would be able to make decisions and work on strategies that bring the best for the project. Thus it is not only time saving but the services are assured to be the best also.

3. Helpful to keep your store going

Once started, things need to change with time. We need to add and edit a lot of things. With Shopify developer based in Australia; you will be helped on decisions like development. But with an agency that is a Shopify expert, you will be backed up with tweaks and changes that are needed to be brought timely in the project.

4. Cost-effective

Shopify expert agencies will be comfortable on your budget as compared to the individual Shopify experts. The basic logic is paying an agency only when you avail of their services will be easier as compared to an individual whom you need to pay every month.

This strategy helps in coming up with growth-focused resources investments.


Find the right shopify agency with these steps:

1. Have an agenda list

Knowing what you need is the foremost and important step of our need of hiring a Shopify Expert Agency. This will be helpful to lead you to your Shopify expert Agency.

In case, you are just beginning, getting into a talk with your agency would be a good way to know what all services they provide. They will also help you know, what services your Shopify store would need.

2. Browse the Market

Don’t have many options of Shopify Expert Agency in your list? Browse the market for some. You can either get in touch via yellow pages or you can use the internet’s plethora of knowledge for the same.

To get results for such a search for Australia, simply type Shopify experts Australia in the search tool of your browser. You will get plenty of results.

3. Know your budget

Being a startup, it is very necessary to know your budget. You would like to plan and divide your budget, as you can invest properly in all the necessary activities needed by your Shopify store.

Talking to various Shopify expert agencies will give you an idea about how much should be your budget to hire a Shopify expert agency while keeping enough for your other growth-focused activities.

4. Contact the Shopify Expert agencies that suit your needs

From the list of Shopify expert agencies that suit your budget and fit your service’s needs, it’s time to finalize!

5. Finalize your expert!

Contact the service station and tell them about your needs like Shopify website design and other needful. Based on your conversation, start making your list smaller.

Sticking to your needs, pick the one, that would suit your needs and voila, you are already there to start working with one of the Shopify Expert Agency of the Town!

Lastly, with your work of setting up a business or finding the right guy for your Shopify needs, you surely need a helping hand. We hope this checklist helps you with finding the right Shopify development services that has a team to cater to your developer, marketing, and designing needs!

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