WooCommerce Abandoned Cart: How To Stop It On Your Online Store?

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Problem Of WooCommerce Abandoned Cart: How To Stop It On Your eCommerce Store?
By admin
November 20, 2021

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart: How To Stop It On Your Online Store?

Are you facing the loss of conversions on online stores due to cart abandonment? Do not let it bother you as we have got pretty smart solutions with WooCommerce abandoned cart plugins. 

This article is going to walk you through some of the prominent WordPress plugins for recovering cart abandonment along with growing sales and revenue. These modules are capable to recover the abandoned cart and convert them into sales easily. 

If we see the eCommerce abandoned cart statistics, around 70% of online shoppers abandon the cart before making the purchase. This signifies two-third of the total eCommerce shoppers are getting lost. That makes the issue of WooCommerce abandoned cart so serious and worrying. 

But, before beginning, we need to be aware of the reasons behind the cart abandonment. Here are some key reasons behind the sam: 

1. Extra delivery expense and charges 

2. Bad payment process on the store

3. Credit card/debit card denial

4. Brand value issues

5. Complicated checkout process, many more. 

These can imperil your WooCommerce store sales and affect the overall revenue. The abandoned cart recovery plugins can help in recovering the order with ease. Let’s explore some of the prominent choices available for us. 

1. Retainful – Free WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugin 

This is the most incredible and powerful mention in the list of WooCommerce Abandoned Cart recover plugins. It is a no-code plugin with the flexibility to send a series of e-mails to customers with relevant discounts. The business owner need not be a technical person to make this plugin function and work with the abandoned cart. 

Make your cart recovery mail campaigns using the quick workflow builder. As a matter of course, there will be three emails as part of new campaigns. You can also add any number of email templates for an abandoned cart. Put them in the right sequence and start gaining sales easily. Retainful has an implicit drag and drop email editor through which you can redo each part of your recovery email messages. Alter the titles, email content, add a logo, product pictures, and more. 

The coupon codes are dynamic and can be sent to specific customers who abandoned the cart. Compelling offers are a potent way to gain sales from the almost lost customer. It wouldn’t be hard to add these coupon codes from the email editor. 

The WooCommerce Abandoned Cart plugin has the advantage of offering the next order coupons along with a referral program. It can bring more sales and acquire new customers easily. Providing an advance discount coupon code assures the recovery of cart abandonment rate. It comes in both free and paid versions having specific features and benefits. You can start with the free version and then later move to the paid version with nominal prices. 

2. WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

There can be numerous reasons behind customers abandoning the website cart. However, it is fundamental to remind your clients to recover them and hence see a rise in your sales. This WooCommerce Abandoned Cart plugin aids in recovering the abandoned cart effectively. It can track both enrolled and visitor clients and inform them about the abandoned cart as well respectively.

The customer will receive the cart recovery emails with encouragement to complete the ignored cart with products. These emails come up with coupons asking customers to make quick buys to gain the rebate. 

The business owner can use the plugin to send multiple emails with separate discounts and offer and can analyze which campaigns are working in your favor. Cover up the lost sales easily and generate more revenue for the online business. It can be purchased on CodeCanyon at nominal prices. 

3. Hubspot for WooCommerce 

Hubspot is the free and reliable tool to naturally synchronize WooCommerce clients’ orders and items to the Hubspot CRM. Its lite version is free for use. It automates the abandoned cart sequences, active process, workflow, etc. Enabling the abandoned cart setting can inform the store owner about who has abandoned the cart, It becomes as simple as checking products in your Hubspot account. 

It updates the list automatically in the Hubspot account as per the defined criteria. The Hubspot WooCommerce abandoned cart can create a smart list, easy navigation, automation, and customized emails to boost conversions. 

4. YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart 

YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart is yet another recovery plugin for the problem of an abandoned cart. It can send customized abandoned cart emails with custom coupons. It is designed for both registered and guest users on the website. The store owner can send the abandoned cart emails to the guest customer too if their email is provided during the purchase process. 

The emails can be sent to multiple countries and users. The abandoned carts are deleted automatically if not recovered for a long time. It is compatible with WPML and WooCommerce multi-currency modules. Other YITH modules like Email Templates can be made compatible with the WooCommerce Abandoned Cart for a professional and customizable notification to your customers. The plugin comes in multiple plans and can help in recovering sales and adding more revenue to the business. 

5. Abandoned Cart Reports For WooCommerce 

The module stores the abandoned carts and can record at whatever point clients forsake their carts full of products. At the point when the cart is not processed after 15 minutes duration, it marks the same as “Abandoned Cart”. 

In case the client process the same cart and make a successful purchase after some time, the status of the abandoned cart will be updated to “Recovered”. You can check the updated status with the order details. 

This WooCommerce Abandoned Cart plugin comes with extraordinary functionality, unlike the other ones. The straightforward and proficient functionalities make it handier to use by the store owners. The reports of abandoned carts can help in analyzing your clients’ behavior and planning further actions. 

In The End

Hence, gone are the days when there was hardly any solution to the cart abandonment. Now, there are a plethora of choices for the WooCommerce abandoned cart problem and can be easily recovered with merely some plugins. The store owner won’t have to invest a lot of time and effort to gain easy customer retention. All are required to get the plugin on the store along with the WooCommerce Website Development

We hope, the above-mentioned plugins and suggestions prove helpful in reducing cart abandonment and growing sales. Every plugin has its benefits and specific working manner. This allows you to make the suitable choice to assist in retaining customers. 

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